Shopify Plus

Together with Hype, we chose Shopify Plus for a number of reasons:

  • to support their global growth plans
  • deal with peak demand issues (e.g. Black Friday)
  • simplify the management and workflow of their ecommerce platform
  • tackle the total cost of ownership




Hype model looking down

Complex integration

As part of development of the site, Hype had a number of extensions and complex integration as part of the project. Multi store was initially an issue, solved as the platform has evolved.

Visit the new Shopify Plus website for Hype.


  • UX
  • Development


  • Shopify Plus
  • Amazon Pay
  • Klarna Checkout

After many years of struggling to manage the peak in traffic from flash sales and events like Black Friday on their aging Magento 1 Enterprise store, Hype approached Un.titled to review their ecommerce platform. Having considered Magento Commerce, Shopware and Shopify, the company opted for Shopify Plus, with the platform's credentials around managing huge demand being exactly what Hype needed.

By rolling out Shopify Plus in time for peak seasonal trading in collaboration with Un.titled, Hype were able to build a platform on which to rapidly expand their ecommerce store. The new Shopify Plus website features include integrating Shopify Plus with Quickbooks Enterprize and Size/Colour quick buy functionality.

Following smooth handover of the project, Hype have continued to grow from strength to strength, adding new functionality such as LayBuy, VeeLop and a dedicated app.

Rob Williams, CEO of Williams Commerce and Un.titled