The right time to begin thinking about accessibility is at the very start — before you even write a single line of code.

From Digital R&D Fund for the Arts - Making Digital Work: Accessibility, Report by Arts Council England, Nesta and the Arts and Humanities Research Council

Features of our service include…...

In-depth auditing

In order to calculate your current accessibility level and help identify what areas need attention, we carry out in-depth accessibility audits, checking against a wide number of accessibility factors and indicators.

Report and recommendations

Once we understand what we’re dealing with, and how the picture can be improved, we put together a comprehensive accessibility report. Each report covers actionable recommendations for quick and easy wins, as well as strategic recommendations that usually require a greater level of development work.

Extending your brand

We also carry out accessibility audits against your brand and where necessary, in order to ensure it can be applied online in an accessible way, we’ll develop and extend it. For example we’ll look at your core colour palette, making sure colour usage, combinations and colour contrasts are both effective and accessible. Also, with typography, we’ll make sure font rules (for titles, labels, menu systems and page content) are fully accessible and that font choices are driven by readability (rather than just design). We also utilise our UX expertise to take a data-driven approach to defining brand audiences, and ensuring the evolution of the brand is in keeping with the audience it is there to serve.

Content and image reviews

We can also provide guidance, resources and training to help ensure your core content is also accessible. Covering topics such as tone of voice, use of clear, relevant language, grammar and keyword strategy, site labelling, SEO-friendly page titling, meta data, image alt and caption tags we can help make your content work far harder and better for you.

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