Benefits of Headless Commerce…...


While all ecommerce platforms have their qualities, users will often face limitations and therefore potential headaches. But truly separating out the front and back end with headless means you are freed from these limitations and able to do whatever you want.


Headless commerce gives you the freedom to create truly bespoke, personalised experiences across various devices and channels. It puts UX at the core and takes it to the next level.

Value for Money

Headless allows you to make the most of investments like digital marketing campaigns, conducting A/B split tests and implementing a Conversion Rate Optimisation programme. These will help you make the most of your traffic and marketing investment.

Site Speed

You can apply your own delivery methods and decide the way you want to host and serve up content. This means you’re not restricted by a single platform and in turn this could allow you to improve your website’s page speed.

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